The Sheringham Society

Hugh Tempest Sheringham (1876 - 1930) is acknowledged to be one of the finest angling writers of this century. He was for many years the angling editor of The Field magazine. His many articles for that magazine, and his several books, were written in a beautiful style, Victorian and refined, yet fresh, and without Patrician loftiness. Sheringham's work is as admired today as it was during his lifetime.

The Sheringham Society is a small group of all-round anglers, dedicated to fishing in the traditional style. Much more than that, we embrace values and attitudes that Sheringham would have recognised, and of which, we are sure, he would have approved.

Some of the group who fished the home water during a memorable weekend of Indian summer  sunshine.
Sea trout to 4lbs. 2oz. and chub to 5 lbs. 8oz. came to net: eleven species in all.

How blessed are those who seek and see
Through roseate vistas there and there
Through friends and loves
Through moments shared
The scented road to Arcady.

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